Scholarships to boost inclusion.

To boost major transformations; to reduce access barriers to high-quality education: FDC Transforma is a call for joint ethical commitment to social inclusion and diversity.

The Scholarship Fund provides students with excellent structure over their entire professional transformation journey. And you may take part in this process too, supporting the development of tomorrow’s leaders. Donate!


Be an agent for the changes you want to see taking place.
Be a protagonist and open up possibilities.
Encourage plurality and inclusion through knowledge.
Contribute to high-quality education and to reduce inequalities.
Take a first step to boost transformation.

A reality to be transformed

We believe that through education we can build a more plural and inclusive business environment capable of responding to new society’s challenges. Therefore, we awarded scholarships to low-income people engaged in actions of impact and social transformation and, with potential to develop a leadership role in actions focused on promoting inclusion and diversity or that contribute to poverty alleviation.

Blacks occupy only 4,7%

of leadership positions in the country’s 500 largest companies.
Only 3%

of leaders in the 250 largest Brazilian companies are women.

Brazilian LGBTQIA+ professionals hide their sexual orientation at work.

of the population has some kind of disability, and capability development is a major barrier to inclusion in companies.
A Fundação Dom Cabral
FDC is a not-for-profit institution that believes in education as a starting point and as a way to overcome difficulties, generate sustainable development and boost major transformations.

Over our history, we developed activities to promote education, management, sustainability and citizenship, focusing on young people in vulnerability, on management for social organisations and on entrepreneurship for the bottom of the pyramid. FDC has already invested R$ 17 million in scholarships and transformed the lives of more than four thousand people.
FDC – Centro Social
Cardeal Dom Serafim
Oportunidades iguais para diminuir diferenças

Since its very foundation, FDC bets on the power of education and social transformation to create a more prosperous and inclusive world, and the FDC Cardinal Dom Serafim Social Centre is another major step towards expanding and intensifying efforts to transform the bottom of the social pyramid and creating a better society. The focus is on the development of educative actions that bring autonomy and dignity, creating opportunities to reduce inequalities.

Together we reach further.
In 2026, when FDC will celebrate half a century of history, we want to grant up to three thousand scholarships. We reckon this is a very ambitious goal, but it matches contemporary challenges and helps reduce the enormous lack of more diverse leaders Brazil needs now.

Through this Fund, we offer our vast experience and provide access to new ideas, new voices coming from different backgrounds, to help develop new leaderships and, thus, we take a decisive step towards a more plural social and economic environment.

We are present where we can make a difference

We want to be present at all moments of an individual’s life, helping not only his or her development but also increasing the positive impact that only education may cause on society.

FDC Raízes (Roots)
Short- & Medium-duration
Post grad
Executive MBA
Pro Master’s Degree

FDC Raízes (Roots)
FDC’s methodology to provide young people in vulnerable conditions with humanist contents from different areas of knowledge, usually not provided by traditional schools.

Professional Training
For the purpose of guaranteeing income, FDC invests in the professional and technical education of young people, giving them the opportunity of gaining access to the labour market, to income generation and to dignity.

FDC incorporated Fundação José Fernandes de Araújo. The institution had already granted more than 7,900 scholarships to financially weak young people, giving them the opportunity to attend university courses.

Short- and Medium-duration Courses (Free Courses)
Short- and Medium-duration, presential and on-line, programmes to promote profound transformation by means of a conceptual structure associated with practical tools.

Post graduation
Systemic view in lato sensu two-year courses focused on business management, combining hard and soft skills and providing deep theoretical and practical knowledge.

Executive MBA
Recognised as one of the world’s best programmes, our Executive MBA develops critical thinking skills and systemic view of the global business environment.

Professional Master’s Degree
Voltado para o mercado de trabalho - em organizações e/ou no meio acadêmico - forma profissionais que pretendem ocupar funções relevantes em organizações ou no meio acadêmico.

Additional ways to contribute:

with FDC

Annual investment focused on Post Graduation, Executive MBA and Master’s Degree programmes.
Large companies and foundations
Collective contribution by participants in FDC classes to guarantee access to future leaders.
Class gift
Investors and Family Offices: annual investment focused on Post Graduation, Executive MBA and Master’s Degree programmes.
Class Gift
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Individual Investors
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Large companies and foundations
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Frequently asked questions

How does the selection process for scholarships work?
The selection process takes place twice a year and may be monitored on FDC – Cardinal Dom Serafim Social Centre’s website, in the corresponding links:

How will resources be used?
Resources will be dedicated exclusively to finance programmes and help students. Reports will be transparently published on-line and revised by independent auditors.
How to look for information on scholarships granted and impacts generated?
A team of specialists manages the Scholarship Fund and monitors scholarship holders throughout their transformation journeys. We render account of the impact generated to investors and society, by means of reports prepared by FDC – Cardinal Dom Serafim Social Centre that provide detailed information on the number of scholarships granted per semester and to what programmes.
What is the fee deducted from each donation?
The fee deducted from each donation amounts to 2,9% + R$0,25 and is levied on each transaction. This amount includes payment processing costs (banking fees), anti-fraud system and financial maintenance of the donation platform. Donors have the option of paying this cost at the moment of payment.
How can I be sure that the website is secure?
We are particularly concerned about security. Doare, the company in charge of the donation system, operates on-line since 2012 and no security breach involving personal data has ever been reported. A “padlock” may be seen on your web browser to the side of the address, indicating that the website holds a SSL security certificate.   All transactions are encrypted and sent directly to payment; we do not keep sensitive data.
Who is Doare, the company in charge of the donation system?
Doare is a startup already consolidated in the digital payment environment. Ruy Fortini and Felipe Hlibco created it in December 2011, in Rio de Janeiro.

Up to the present moment, Doare has already collected more than R$ 600 thousand in investments, and remains committed to the strengthening of philanthropic organisations by means of solutions to help collect resources, connecting people with relevant causes and making donations a secure process. 

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